Will Carey
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Photography tempered by experience.

Will is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario. As a child, he was fascinated with cinema, film, and travel videos. After seeing a travel video of Greece, he decided to pick up a camera and try to live his hand at the art form. 

In his first year of photography, he amassed over 7000 followers. He has also been able to work with clients such as the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Lyft, and more. He has travelled across Canada to shoot in Banff and British Colombia. He plans to shoot in Iceland and Eastern Asia later this year.


Structure meets style.

Will has been a portrait photographer for several years. He also has experience with product photography and wedding/event photography. He incorporates his portrait style into his event work and focuses on capturing the candid moments between people at events.

He takes the environment around his locations and tiny details in the things he photographs in order to create series of photos that fit the style of the environment and embody different emotions. 

Will plans ahead - from his bookings and clients to his photoshoots and travels. Make sure you inquire with him ahead of your preferred date! 


Clients X Agencies

· The Kidney Foundation of Canada · Union Eleven Photographers · Lyft ·