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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel for photography?

I do! If you are looking for a photographer for your destination wedding I would be happy to help you capture your special day! Just fill out the form on the contact page and make sure to tell me when and where your wedding is! I also travel to help create content for businesses and tourism agencies. 

I can easily travel throughout Ontario. 

What material should i purchase your prints on?

This is entirely up to you. The photos will look good on any material you choose. Try to match the material to the aesthetic of the room you plan on hanging it in. For instance, a canvas would look good on just about any wall, but the metal prints look stunning in an industrial style apartment with lots of open concrete walls like mine. My favourite style is the metal prints - ready to hang. 


What was your first photography gig?

I was hired to shoot a baptism and celebration for my first paid photography job. I was hired by the sweetest Polish family I have ever met. They asked that I come to the church early to begin shooting and I did. I began to shoot and was promptly reprimanded (in Polish) by the Priest for shooting during mass! I don't go to church very often. 

Currently, I work for a wedding photography firm in Ottawa, Ontario. 

What if i want to return my purchase? 

All sales are final. However, if there is a reasonable issue with the quality of your purchase you can email me personally on the contact page for any order discrepancies. All discrepancies are handled on a case-by-case basis. Returns and exchange are an option for valid concerns. 

What camera gear do you use?

You can see all the gear I use in the Truth Be Told Journal! Don't be intimidated.

How do I use the Presets?

To use the presets, you'll import them into your lightroom catalogue. From there, you're just one click to starting to edit like me! Keep in mind, no two photos are the same. Use the presets as a base and tweak it to fit the photo you've taken!