Cottage Trip Ch. 1 - Photo Blog

My friend Will and I left work early on the weekend of July 20th to come up to my family's new cottage that they had been renovating over the past couple months. It took us about 5 hours to get out of Ottawa and up to Sudbury where the cottage is close to. It was located on this sizeable but calm lake. 

Early on the first morning, we saw my dad catch a large pike right off the dock of the cottage. Will is here trying to recreate the catch or get something bigger. He probably cast his line out over 400 times. He didn't catch anything. 

The big pike. We filleted the fish after my dad caught it and cooked it into this big mound of food. We battered it with some spices and ate it with some salt and lemon. It was some of the best fish I have had recently and it fed us all weekend. 

My dad is a bit of a workaholic, he takes pride in running things and finds enjoyment by creating and operating businesses, farms, really anything that requires some elbow grease. A few years ago, my father took me with him and his friends to a small lake in Northern Ontario for a fishing trip. That was the first (and last) time I saw my dad express any interest in fishing. I guess that trip stuck with him however because he worked and worked and bought this cottage and a new boat so that he could go fishing whenever he wanted. 

My dad (right) and Stepmom Shelley (left) driving the boat and fishing. 

The Dad shoes. Even at the cottage, Dads will be Dads.

The trip was filled with dirt, swimming, beer, amazing food, and good times. It might be hard to find time in between work and school, but this cottage is going to be a necessary regular weekend. Find something that you love and make sure you find time for it, be it a hobby, family, friends, travelling, or fishing. Make sure to take some time to recharge those batteries from your busy life.

Will enjoyed the sun during our weekend. Always nice to see a smile on the people you care about. 

Happier in person - Just focused on those fish. 

'Till next time.